Mississippi Megalops

a floating chautauqua

As part of the 2011 Northern Spark Festival, Works Progress and frequent collaborator Andy Sturdevant presented Mississippi Megalops – A Floating Chautauqua.

Sparkling performances, illustrated presentations and other works of artistic and scientific expression were shared aboard the Jonathan Padelford sternwheeler as it made its way down the Mississippi River, illuminating the shores of Saint Paul. Featuring creative contributions from over a dozen artists, scientists and storytellers, who together transformed a common riverboat into a floating Chautauqua, the Megalops was a rollicking experience that enriched the mind and delighted the senses!

Our motley crew included The Como Avenue Jug Band, Dan Dressler, Pete Driessen, Jan Estep, Katie Hargrave, Peter L. Johnson, Kalen Rainbow Keir, Landland, Christy Newell & Robert Bauer, Pat Nunnally, Ilana Percher, Wang Ping, Bonnie J. Ploger, Prairie Fire Lady Choir, Kate Saturday & Erik Ostrom, David Wiggins, Sarah Wolbert, and Brad Zellar.