City Art Collaboratory

Public Art Saint Paul's Art-Science Program

Public artists and scientists working in urban environments share a desire to explore the complex systems through which cities are built and maintained. Opportunities for artists and science workers to meet one another and collaborate are rare, yet individuals in these fields can benefit from the expansion of knowledge, creative connections and opportunities that come from seeing, hearing and experiencing the city together.

Works Progress Studio is contracted by nonprofit Public Art Saint Paul to direct, organize and produce City Art Collaboratory, an experiential fellowship program that catalyzes questions, conversations and collaborations among public artists, scientists, engineers and other STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) professionals.

City Art Collaboratory was developed by Works Progress Co-Director Shanai Matteson and artistic collaborators Olive Bieringa and Marcus Young to engage a cohort of artists and scientists within the urban environment, through the frameworks and challenges of Minnesota's Capital City. In 2014 City Art Collaboratory will support a cohort of 16 artists and STEM professionals to build relationships through a series of City Art Collaboratory field trips, workshops and public dialogues on themes inspired by Saint Paul’s location on the Mississippi River.